Who are we?

About us

ENSABS S.L. is an enterprise dedicated to the development of technological solutions for the efficient management of large, medium and small companies in the automotive industry.

With a vast experience in international markets, we are focused on developing solutions that best suit our customer’s needs.

Our solutions


We have vast experience in international markets as we offer optimal technology, rapid response capacity and a skilled human team. Ensabs offers different solutions that adapt according to your business needs.

We offer solutions for your automotive business 


  • CRM
  • Vehicles
  • Accounting
  • Workflow module
  • System generalities
  • Workshop and labor
  • Business intelligence
  • Service and parts sales
  • Build-in reporting server
  • Parts purchases and management

We offer consulting for automotive business solutions

We create solutions for:

Small formal enterprises, importers, dealers or both. Authorized distributors of various brands. For 10-100 maximum users.

Formal enterprises, importers, dealers or both, for retail or wholesale business,
with one or various branches etc. Above 100 users.

Let us be your consultant!

Our services




Do not let the size of your company limit how far you can go. We adapt to your busisness model and grow with you. Our goal is to enhance the resources of your organization to help you with day to day activities, and to better manage tour progress.



We are committed to fulfilling our mission: to ensure that our clients feel that they have a service created exclusively for them that meets and exceeds their expectations.

We have the key to success.


Other companies may have a good system for you, but they fail in something that – although you may not realize it – is very elementary and that is the way to success: Information. Your consultants can not identify GAPS quickly and appropriately, which fits the real picture of what is happening in your company.
Our business analysts and consultants know our products exhaustively, are highly qualified in the business areas and can offer effective, lower cost and time solutions to the problems of your company.



We firmly believe that a customer deserves a quality product, that is real and works just as it is promoted. Customers should not have to pay for misleading advertising, poor service, inexperienced consultants and lack of planning.
We are real.


Our prices are lower than our competitors’.
Zero hidden costs.


Where are we?

Spain and Ecuador